One to Grow On

October 14, 2009

What’s in a name?

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Well, isn’t this the story of my life.  Big plans, great ideas, followed by procrastination in hopes of a perfect project, resulting in a hurried product when faced with an absolute deadline.  Since January of this year I’ve been reading the stories of other families travelling the world, admiring their blogs and their travels, hoping to join their ranks.  So what did I do?   Spent 6 months trying to come up with the perfect blog name.  Brandon suggested Everything But the Cat.  My Dad thought that Then Came Three was a winner.  I kept trying to get everyone behind We Three Klings.  Jill had the funniest, most inappropriate entry with Women and Children First.  In the end (that’s today, right now) I can’t figure out how to change to existing title, One to Grow On, and I’ve decided that I don’t really care anyway.  As Kurt Vonnegut would say, it’s a two-thirds solution, so good enough.  Besides, now I have a great cache of entry names.


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