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November 4, 2009

You Never Sausage a Place

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017Weiners(with apologies to Pedro’s billboards for I-95’s South of the Border)

Rory and Nora were crazy about Germany.  Rory was taken with the many pork products available; he particularly like the strung-together weiners (You’re always a weiner in Germay!) Nora was delighted tolearn she was born in the home of all things Gummi. 


I just wrote a long, long entry, and I lost it when Windows 7 decided to shut down ( a little hard earned vacation time, no doubt).  So, I’ll just do a recap:

We left Greensboro in a hurry on Saturday afternoon, driving to Dover Air Force Base to catch an evening flight.  We didn’t get on that flight, but made many friends and heard heart-warming tales while waiting 24 hours for another flight.  Everyone waiting got on, which felt like we’d all won the lottery.  We got to Spangdahlem without too much incident.  Let me add that flying on a military plane is weird.  The crew is genuinely friendly and eager to help.  That’s strange.  The aricraft was designed and built not to have windows.  Rory was crushed and may never get over that.   The seats are rear-facing, something I may never get over.  And, when I wanted to fill up my water bottle, I had to stand on a grate TWO stories over 100 tons of cargo to get water out of a water cooler.  When  was the last flight you did that?  And some of you may know how I feel about grates… and speaking of bridges, I drove, truly I did, over the Cheasepeake Bay Bridge with my children in the car at night in the rain.  Honest.  That’s how badly I wanted to get to Dover.

Back to our trip, one of the other passengers interested us in a hostel in a town called Bacharach.  Well, it wasn’t a tough sell.  It’s in a castle overlooking the Rhine.  We loved it.  You would love it.  Don’t miss it, next time you are anywhere near the Rhine River.  We stayed in the Konigselker in the Turm.  If any of you good homeschoolers figures out what that means please share!

This evening we drove to Hahn airport to catch a 11:20pm flight (bad idea!) that left late.  We didn’t arrive in London Stansted until 12am Britsh time, then we stood in line at immigration for almost an hour.  Rory was beside himself and Nora had to pee.  Not a highlight of the trip by any means, and I don’t know why I’m sharing it here!  So we made our way to the National Express bus office to confirm the seats I’d bought online, and we decided to take the bus then to Heathrow rather than wait for the 6am bus.  Another rough time with Rory, but now he and Nora are totally sacked out here in Terminal 5, right where we need to be to catch our plane to Tokyo in 7 hours.  We may crawl into our beds in Tokyo and not come out. 


Just a recap:  Of the last 4 nights we’ve spent one in a hostel, one on a plane, and 2 in airports.  And still Nora announced yesterday that it was the happiest day of her life, and today Rory commented that it would be really hard to go back to regular life.  Pretty hardy souls.


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  1. Thanks so much for emailing the SUHN group your blog site!! You write great!! I feel like I’m right there with ya!!

    Aaron sez: Have a nice trip, see ya next Fall! LOL!! I miss you already! I broke my arm and I wish you could sign my cast – oh yea, it’s glow in the dark! I broke it falling off my skateboard coming down a ramp. It really hurt, but now it’s awesome.

    Comment by Sharon O'Sullivan — November 4, 2009 @ 4:53 pm

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